Exploratory • Reflective • Values-Based Philanthropy

Motivations to Give

Exploring the principles that drive your philanthropic decisions.

While we all hold a variety of personal values, there are often just a few core principles that guide our personal and philanthropic decisions during our lifetime. When we’re in alignment with our principles, we can feel understood, whole and deeply ourselves.

Our Motivations to Give interactive session offers inspiration for participants to explore and identify their guiding principles. Together, we will review what has inspired your giving to date, and we’ll dig deep to identify how your values can steer your future giving and uncover more meaningful philanthropy.

Motivations to Give is a foundational session for all philanthropists which can serve as a gateway to exploring more areas of your giving with our philanthropic advisors. The session is highly recommended for individuals who are new to using a donor-advised fund, have recently retired, sold a business or entered a new phase of life. We ask that attendees be associated with a charitable fund at the Community Foundation (for example, fund founders, spouses, adult children, and significant others associated with your philanthropic journey).

What to Expect

• You will identify and name your personal motivations, which guide decisions related to your philanthropy and beyond: family, career, finances and other important priorities.
• You will receive hands-on tools you can use again.
• To allow for meaningful participation, the session will be limited to 10 attendees each.

Upcoming Sessions

• Thursday, September 21 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Central on Zoom

Please indicate your preferred session date using the form below and include any additional guests you'd like to join you. If you are interested, but not able to attend, please still indicate your interest below, and include another month that might better align with your schedule.

Since spaces are limited, we will notify you when your registration is confirmed.

Questions? Contact Sidney Peterson at events@growyourgiving.org or 816.627.3414. 

We strive to host inclusive, accessible convenings that enable all individuals to engage fully. To request an accommodation or for inquiries about accessibility, please contact Sidney Peterson at events@growyourgiving.org or 816.627.3414.